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Tate’s 35lb Weight Loss

weight loss patient, Tate after 35 pounds of weight loss

When I first heard about Medical Weight Loss of NY, I was eager to find out what it had to offer. Just like every new thing I try, I was initially asking myself what am I getting into now? Once I calmed my nerves and went to meet Jennifer, I got very excited and interested about the program. After the informational meeting I could not wait to try this out for myself. 

Getting started was a little difficult because I had to figure out what I should be eating for my normal food. After a week or two I got into the swing of things and I was hooked and determined to succeed. Since I started the program, I have a lot more energy than I use to. This has been very helpful because previously, I was not able to do the sort of things that I would have liked to do on an average day. I now probably have too much energy and normal activities seem to be easy. I would definitely recommend Medical Weight Loss of NY to anyone that asked me. I can not thank the girls and Dr. Scinta enough!

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