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Tom K – 50 lbs Weight Loss

Tom Weight Loss testimonial

For the longest time, some forty five years, anyone who looked at me would think me gangly, tall and skinny and for most of my adult life, that was so. I weighed an average 185 pounds and was 6’0” tall. I loved food but also loved the gym and for years would get up early before work and run 7 to 8 miles a day. While my diet was not perfect and sometimes downright awful, running kept me in check physically and psychologically.

All that changed by the time I hit 55 (I am almost 61 now!) I stopped running and going to the gym but KEPT eating. I suppose there were all kinds of reasons or rationalizations I made. As I got older, it was harder to keep up the mileage and athletic practice. There was work and family demands. My wife’s parents, who live a few blocks away, were both elderly and quite sick. They required daily and evening constant care, and over time this wore on me and my wife.

My job too (I work at a prison) is quite stressful and in these last years with its fragile economy there were constant cuts and threats of layoffs. While my own position was secure, the shortage of staff put for an increase in work, has made for a difficult time. When I would come home from work, I would be exhausted and not want to head for the gym or a walk. Food became, without my knowing it, a great comfort.

I gained 45 pounds without realizing what was happening – or better, without wanting to! Because I was so heavy and my body was not used to such weight on my frame (230 lbs), it was almost impossible to get motivated to get moving. I tried different diet approaches but would always revert back to my old favorite comfort and fast foods. I was in a rut.

In a search for a solution and after a stern warning from my doctor about losing weight, I found Medical Weight Loss of Central New York.  In March of 2013 with the help of Dr. Scinta and her staff I went on the full replacement meal fast with Optifast products and lost all the weight I needed to.  By June of that year, I was myself again.

The program outlined for me by Dr. Scinta included a maintenance program after I reached my goal weight. Now, I live on the Canadian border – two hours from Medical Weight Loss – and after traveling many miles each week to complete the program, I thought I could skip maintenance and keep my weight off myself. I stopped going and figured I could handle the rest on my own. I was wrong!

Within the space of a year, I regained all my weight and then some. I was MISERABLE and tired and to top it off, after a routine health screening discovered that a blood pressure problem that I thought was under control, wasn’t and that led to some heart issues that if not addressed would become life threatening.

Fast forward to May, 2016.  My cardiologist read me the riot attack about taking better care of myself and how my renewed obesity (I now weighted 237 lbs and should have been at 175) was going to kill me. So I called Medical Weight Loss and asked them if they would help me.

I have been coming to their program now since June, 2016.  I have lost 50 lbs and am approaching my goal weight. I was placed on the full meal replacement program again but this time I am determined to complete the program by taking the maintenance part as seriously or even more seriously than the weight loss part.

The meal replacement program was relatively easy for me. Getting away from food gave me a break and the instructional part of the program, weigh ins and medical supervision was exactly what I needed – weight loss is one of the hardest things I have done, if not the hardest. But Dr. Scinta and every single one of her staff is expert at providing every tool one needs to be successful.

I am so glad I found this program and these wonderful people. I had to travel 2 hrs each week to do this as there is no program like it where I live, BUT, my weight is back to normal and my blood pressure is low. I even cut half of my medicine for blood pressure. I feel good again with more energy. I am able to exercise and enjoy my four grandchildren – even able to run around and play with them without getting tired.

The Medical Weight Loss program of Central New York provided me with the structure and tools I needed and continues to give me the support I need to stay at my goal weight. I can’t recommend them highly enough – every single staff person goes over and above to help.

Thank you Medical Weight Loss!

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  1. Sam

    Tom- You have shown true dedication and commitment! Like you said weight loss is one of the hardest things to do and maintaining it can be as well and that’s why we are here to guide you and give you the tools you need to succeed. Keep up the tremendous work!!

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